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This is my namesake’s site, however, my effort goes into www.5minutemoneytips.com.

I grew up as a country boy in Southern Illinois. Growing up, I learned that working smart always trumps working hard. One of my favorite lessons came from one summer when we needed to move our septic tank from one side of the house to the other side of the house. The pipe came out of the house on the west side and we needed to dig a trench from the west side, around the south side, and over to the northeast corner of the house. The trench had to be about 3 feet deep and 9 inches wide. My Dad, his brother, and my two brothers worked all day on this trench. When my mom got home later that day, she asked why we did not just take the pipe across the basement and out the other side of the house and we would only have to dig a 20 foot trench instead of a 200 foot trench. We filled in the trench and started the new one, and thus the lesson stuck.

I currently live in Yulee, FL with my wife and daughter. Yulee, FL is on the mainland near Amelia Island. Yulee, is named after David Levy Yulee, who founded the Florida Railroad Company.

During the day, I work for a bank in their pre-paid card division as the Director of the Client Support & Training Team. At night, I am an Adjunct Instructor at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I teach Principals of Managment, Pincipals of Marketing, and Personal Finance.

The one thing that drives me most in life is learning. I spend all my free time learning, experimenting, and teaching. That is the primary reason I put this website online. I wanted a place to document my learning and provide an outlet for my teaching.